We're holding the mic and shining a light on the pioneering decarbonators of oil and gas.

“We are technical, execution-based people. We’ve been given a directive: ‘Here’s the vision, now run with it.’”

Adam Redling, PE - Facilities Engineering & Emissions Manager, Range Resources

Very often, it's the engineers and operators who serve as the vanguards of energy industry evolution.

The Energy Influencers project seeks to tell stories of innovation and stewardship through their compelling lens. It features in-depth videos, interviews and case studies intended to amplify the narrative of progress and the determination behind the 'doers’ of sustainable energy production.

Together, these admirable individuals demonstrate a proactive approach to industry challenges, and a commitment to embracing solutions that pave the way to a cleaner production picture.

Most importantly, the project reflects the need to share the industry’s decarbonization wins. It embraces a move towards transparency, openness and exposure to what North American oil and gas producers have achieved to date, and what they continue to pursue.

By focusing our lens on the people tasked with addressing today's most significant industry challenges, who have fervently piloted and deployed a range of winning technologies to abate, measure and monitor emissions, we hope their stories will resonate, foster understanding, and enhance the energy discourse.

We don't need to educate. We don't need to eradicate. We need to communicate.

A selection of the 50+ North American operators we are proud to be working with

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Game-changing ideas, inventions, innovations and applications

Kathairos' customers aren't just leaders in methane abatement, they're dreaming up new and novel ways to utilize liquid nitrogen to power their processes, meet their targets, and rethink their production practices. From backup power and flow back fuel to compressor starts, midstream uses, greenfield site design and more, come find out what they're up to and how they're winning.

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