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PennEnergy's core values-driven approach to environmental sustainability and technology adoption in the Marcellus Basin

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PennEnergy champions innovation across Appalachia

As part of its Energy Influencers storytelling series highlighting the decarbonization successes of its oil and gas industry partners, Kathairos is proud to feature PennEnergy Resources – a leading Marcellus shale gas producer with prolific assets across southwestern Pennsylvania.  

The series spotlights PennEnergy’s notable achievements in methane abatement and new technology adoption, alongside its core value-driven approach to environmental stewardship, industry longevity and responsible resource production.

“Our Energy Influencers initiative celebrates the people and producers leading the industry with an unwavering commitment to sustainability,” said Kelly Doody, Chief Marketing Officer at Kathairos. “The values-based approach PennEnergy has taken to their facility design and daily operations is both admirable and inspiring for the industry as a whole.”

As North American oil and gas companies race to find innovative solutions to decarbonize their production processes and meet incoming compliance targets, the Pittsburgh-based producer has employed a proactive approach since its inception in 2011.

“I believe PennEnergy is viewed as a very forward-thinking, responsible company when it comes to environmental stewardship, emissions and so forth, and that started from the very beginning,” said Greg Muse, PennEnergy co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. “We're well ahead of the regulatory requirements and incorporated them into many of the things we’ve done and the timing in which we’ve done them.”

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Collaborative innovation with PennEnergy

A portfolio of innovative emissions technologies

Part of PennEnergy's forward-thinking approach is the adoption of a portfolio of emissions measurement, elimination and monitoring technologies. Among them is Kathairos’ liquid nitrogen system, which plays a key role in eliminating methane venting from pneumatics at the company’s off-grid facilities.

“An area where Kathairos has really helped PennEnergy Resources is at remote legacy facilities that are a good distance from the road and electrical power," said Domenic Tedesco, Director - Air Quality & Sustainability at PennEnergy. "The ability to drop in a solution and solve a problem quickly and effectively has been a great part of our environmental program.”

In addition to the company's continuous drive toward the highest environmental performance, PennEnergy recognizes its responsibility to the broader Marcellus basin, and the industry as a whole.

“Despite the fact that we operate in a basin with a number of competitors, we share a common goal of environmental stewardship,” said Tedesco. “We have ongoing discussions with our peers in terms of best practices, new technologies, and measures we can take to ensure everyone is maximizing their environmental performance. We’re looking to be here for the long-term, and it’s why one of our core values is environmental stewardship."

Reporting, verification and certification of environmental performance

Beyond the constant evaluation of new technologies, processes and solutions, PennEnergy holds itself to an exceptional standard of depth and transparency in reporting practices.

“We’ve successfully undergone multiple certifications including MiQ and Project Canary, allowing us to ensure that every type of stakeholder is aware of how we’re performing from an environmental perspective,” said Tedesco.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to any environmental challenge, the partnership between PennEnergy and Kathairos represents a powerful alignment of vision and values.

“Our collaborative efforts underscore a shared commitment to pioneering technologies that address critical environmental challenges while advancing the energy sector's sustainability goals,” said Dick Brown, President and Chief Operating Officer of Kathairos. “Together, we are demonstrating that sustainable practices and economic growth are not mutually exclusive.”

For PennEnergy, it’s the view of business as a marathon, not a sprint, and environmental decisions that are rooted in company-wide values rather than external pressures.

In good times and in bad

“If a core value changes because of pricing, then it's not really a core value, it's a priority. You've got to differentiate the two,” said Muse.  

The respected industry executive is a firm believer in sustaining, maintaining and driving the company’s core values in both good times and bad, particularly that of environmental stewardship.  

“Quite frankly, respecting the environment is smart business that is going to pay out,” said Muse. “In the long run, you're always going to be advantaged.”

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PennEnergy Resources is a Pittsburgh-based independent oil and gas company focused on the acquisition and development of unconventional shale resources in the Appalachian Basin. It is committed to being a best in class shale development company that creates value for its investors, stakeholders, employees and landowners through the safe and environmentally responsible development of unconventional resources. Learn more at

Kathairos has emerged as the leading North American solution for well site methane elimination from pneumatic devices, with thousands of systems in operation across North America in partnership with dozens of major oil and gas producers. Kathairos is proudly committed to solving the problem of methane venting from oil and gas production in the most effective, economical and scalable way, enabling producers to meet ambitious regulatory targets and timelines. Learn more at

The Energy Influencers storytelling series highlights the emissions reduction successes Kathairos’ producer partners have achieved, as driven by their overall outlook, internal targets and timelines, commitment to industry longevity and new technology adoptions. The series features in-depth videos, interviews and case studies designed to amplify the narrative of progress and the dedicated 'doers’ of sustainable energy production. It embraces a shift toward transparency, openness and exposure to what North America’s forward-thinking oil and gas producers have achieved on their path to decarbonization, and what they’re tackling next. See the stories at

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