Nitrogen Backup to Instrument Air: 14 hours, $90,000 loss averted, $85 of N2 utilized

Nitrogen Backup to Instrument Air: 14 hours, $90,000 loss averted, $85 of N2 utilized


Learn how the Kathairos system is serving as a failsafe to existing instrument air compressor packages in providing power to pneumatic controls.

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Inciting Incident

14-hr instrument air downtime

Loss Averted

$90,000 production revenue

Nitrogen Cost

$85 worth of product


E&P operator in the Haynesville Shale, Louisiana

Site Type:  

New well pad with high production rates


Kathairos nitrogen system serving as backup to existing instrument air compressor package to provide necessary power to all pneumatic controls

A major US exploration and production company operating in the Haynesville Shale in western Louisiana had previously invested capital to purchase instrument air (IA) compressor packages to power the pneumatic control systems on a series of new greenfield pads with high daily production rates.

Due to the criticality of keeping the production flowing and potential concerns on the reliability of the instrument air systems, a single 3000L Kathairos liquid nitrogen tank was installed as a ‘hot backup’ to the IA system.

The nitrogen tank was connected downstream of the IA system buffer tank, and if the pressure were to drop below a set point of approximately 100psi, the nitrogen system would automatically take over, providing the well pad pneumatics with dry nitrogen gas and avoiding any downtime or loss of production.


At approximately 6pm on November 25, 2023, the instrument air system went offline, critically halting the estimated daily production of a ~62 MMSCFD producing well.

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