Kathairos tanks

Versatile, adaptable, sustainable

Anywhere there's methane being used as a high-pressure fuel source, the Kathairos solution provides the ideal off-grid powerdrive replacement.

“Every company has a different approach, but we’re all cracking the same problem.”
Adam Redling, PE
Facilities Engineering & Emissions Manager, Range Resources

Single-well, low vent sites have met their match

The Kathairos solution has proven highly effective at addressing the longstanding issue of methane venting at remote legacy well sites. Our smaller tanks provide producers with a simple, effective and affordable way to meet emissions targets and timelines.

“An area where Kathairos has really helped PennEnergy Resources is at remote legacy facilities that are a good distance from the road and electrical power. The ability to drop in a solution and solve a problem quickly and effectively has been a great part of our environmental program.”

Domenic Tedesco
DirectoR - Air Quality and Sustainability, PennEnergy Resources

Mega-sized multi-well pads are a great fit too

On both electrified and off-grid sites, greenfield or brown, Kathairos' larger tanks prove to be an extremely economical, reliable solution. Learn why here.

Every site, every size

Simply put, Kathairos' variety of nitrogen system sizes can service an unparalleled assortment of well site locations, configurations and vent rates.

Side profile of all Kathairos tank sizes

Tanks range in size from 265L to 5500L in liquid nitrogen storage capacity.

Thanks to the 1 to 700x expansion ratio of liquid to gaseous nitrogen, supply lasts 30-60 days depending on tank size and pneumatic demand.

A single liquid nitrogen system can power anywhere from 1 to 50 wells and 500 devices, with no moving parts, repairs or operator involvement.

Zero onsite emissions

With the flip of a valve, Kathairos immediately moves well sites to zero methane venting. On average, the emissions created in the production and delivery of liquid nitrogen account for less than 2% of the total CO2e eliminated. These emissions are carefully tracked and accounted for in our customer’s net abatement reports.

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Game-changing ideas, inventions, innovations and applications

Kathairos' customers aren't just leaders in methane abatement, they're dreaming up new and novel ways to utilize liquid nitrogen to power their processes, meet their targets, and rethink their production practices. From backup power and flow back fuel to compressor starts, midstream uses, greenfield site design and more, come find out what they're up to and how they're winning.

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"I would like to thank Kathairos for their partnership and collaboration to successfully roll out their nitrogen-powered technology on our production sites. Mitigating our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions requires narrowing our focus, leveraging diverse partnerships, and testing innovate ideas like the Kathairos system. I am proud of our emission reduction work so far, but we are not finished."
Steve struna