Kathairos tank

No upfront capital investment, no equipment purchase

Adopting the Kathairos solution requires no capital outlay thanks to its innovative monthly tank rental and refill model. It is a highly economical solution that requires zero upfront cost, ongoing operator involvement, replacement of existing systems, repair and maintenance, or onsite power.

Federal regulators have announced that methane venting from pneumatics will no longer be permitted by 2028 in the US and 2030 in Canada.

Economical, flexible, available, scalable

Kathairos' unique tank rental and nitrogen refill model allows for the lowest cost solution in the fight against remote well site methane emissions.

Pay as you go, and only for what you use

Why liquid nitrogen? When the cryogenic liquid warms back to its gaseous state, it expands by 700x. This allows a single tank to last an average of 30 days or longer, while providing ample economical power to off-grid pneumatic control systems.


No upfront capital investment, no equipment purchase

Unlike systems involving air compressors, solar arrays, battery storage or device replacement, the Kathairos solution requires no capital investment or equipment ownership, and consists of just 3 straightforward fees:

Delivery & Commissioning

This one-time flat fee covers the delivery of the liquid nitrogen units to your staging yard, and the initial cooldown and commissioning of the tanks.

Fixed System Rental

The monthly rental cost of the Kathairos liquid nitrogen storage tank and telemetry system is priced according to the size of unit required.

Variable Nitrogen Fee

A variable monthly nitrogen consumption fee that includes our dedicated field personnel, nitrogen dispatch and delivery, and 24/7 monitoring.

Profoundly simple, reliable and cost-effective

Some of the many upside economic and operational factors our producer partners take into consideration include:

  • No moving parts or system breakdown
  • No ongoing repair & maintenance cost
  • Zero operator involvement
  • No power requirement
  • System delivery in 8 weeks or less
  • Real-time empirical abatement data
  • No weather or temperature implications
  • No moisture or freeze-ups
  • No oxygen introduction in pneumatic lines
  • No capital outlay or equipment ownership
  • Significant fuel gas savings
  • Immediate methane tax avoidance
  • Continuous tank monitoring & dispatch
  • Simple system right-sizing as needed
  • Flexible term agreements
  • SCADA tie-in & 24/7 data access
  • Dedicated local Kathairos field crews
  • No asset ownership & depreciation

Eliminate logistical challenges

Kathairos eliminates the logistical challenges involved in existing pneumatic venting solutions, including instrument air and electric air systems. Existing solutions have long been infeasible for smaller, low-venting sites due to their complexity and associated costs.

Built-in software

The built-in software allows users to determine the gross value of carbon offsets generated by their mitigation efforts for use in both voluntary and regulated carbon trading markets, making for a comprehensive solution that's as effective as it is economical.

Verifiable ESG insights

The Kathairos solution enables producers to adopt a world-class GHG mitigation and reporting program in a matter of weeks, while reducing their methane intensity and reaching ambitious decarbonization goals.