Kathairos tank

Fuel-switching made smart, simple and reliable

Kathairos eliminates methane venting at remote well sites by using nitrogen – an inert, non-polluting gas – to operate pneumatic devices. In doing so, the system replaces the need for methane as instrument gas, and the subsequent venting of the highly potent greenhouse gas during routine well site operation.

“Kiwetinohk has implemented Kathairos nitrogen equipment and made significant progress toward our goal of reducing our Scope 1 methane emissions to 50% of our 2022 baseline by 2025.”
Kiwetinohk ENERGY

Powered by thermodynamics

Stored at -320°F in a cryogenic vessel, liquid nitrogen wants to return to a gaseous state. We take advantage of this thermodynamic property to actuate pneumatic devices on oil and gas well sites of all sizes, locations and configurations.

Expansively economical

Why liquid nitrogen? When the cryogenic liquid warms back to its gaseous state, it expands by 700x. This allows a single tank to last an average of 30 days or longer, while providing ample economical power to off-grid pneumatic control systems.

Precisely pressurized

The proprietary system vaporizes the liquid nitrogen internally, converting it to high-pressure nitrogen gas at exactly the pressure and volume required for your well site operation.

Clean, dry, inert, ambient

Nitrogen leaves the tank at ambient temperature and powers well site pneumatics with a dry, inert, non-toxic gas. Once the pneumatics are actuated, the nitrogen is simply vented back to where it came from – atmospheric air.

No power, no problem

There is virtually zero complexity to the Kathairos solution, with no moving parts on or in the tank and no operator involvement required. The system works flawlessly regardless of region and weather conditions and requires no outside power to operate.

Our Delivery Network
Your goal is to reduce emissions. Our role is to get you there.
Step One

Assess & Order

After receiving initial site information, our seasoned team of energy professionals maps a plan to bring a well site to zero methane emissions. Using Kathairos' extensive empirical database and basin-specific insight, we can confidently size and price a system in a matter of days, while providing estimated abated emissions, methane fee and conserved fuel gas savings, carbon credit value, and more.

Step Two

Deliver & Commission

Kathairos brings the system directly to a producer's site or staging yard in eight weeks or less from time of order. There is no need to change operations or install new equipment – the tank is simply placed on level ground and tied into the existing methane system, immediately rendering the site free of vented emissions.

Step Three

Monitor & Measure

Kathairos' dedicated field crews meticulously monitor tank level, pressure and consumption rate, refilling the liquid nitrogen as needed. Producers can access detailed system data anytime through Kathairos' cellular and satellite monitoring software or SCADA tie-in, analyze empirical mitigation reports, and communicate their positive emissions progress to the world.