Sep 19, 2022

Kathairos Solutions Joins the Aiming for Zero Methane Emissions Initiative

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Kathairos has emerged as the leading North American solution for methane elimination from pneumatics, with more than 1,000 systems in operation across North America and over 40 major oil and gas producer partners.

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In recognizing the global need to eliminate methane emissions, Kathairos Solutions has formally joined the Aiming for Zero Methane Emissions Initiative as one of its Supporters.

The Aiming for Zero initiative establishes an all-in approach that treats methane emissions as seriously as the oil and gas industry already treats safety. It is a tangible, ambitious effort to eliminate the industry’s methane footprint by 2030, currently endorsed by the CEOs of major oil and gas producers, including Aramco, BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, and Shell, among others.

Why another methane initiative?

Methane is responsible for around 30% of the warming we currently experience.

Reducing methane emissions from oil and gas operations is one of the best short-term opportunities to advance the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Aiming for Zero complements key initiatives such as the Methane Guiding Principles, the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership 2.0, and the Global Methane Alliance.

“This is a positive initiative from OGCI. Next, we need to quickly see measurable signs of movement towards this goal. And I hope this can soon be turned into a new industry-wide benchmark,” commented Tim Gould, the Chief Energy Economist of the International Energy Agency.

About Kathairos Solutions

Kathairos Solutions is bringing imperative emissions elimination technologies to today’s energy industry.

Kathairos’ first technology uses liquid nitrogen to eliminate the need for methane venting at remote well sites. Nitrogen is an inert gas that makes an excellent replacement for instrument air, allowing well sites to adopt a methane mitigation solution that is simple, affordable, and scalable to address the scope of the problem.

“We are coming into the picture at the right time, because a lot of producers have tried other solutions and are now either finding that they aren’t the perfect fit, or that they have major flaws. When you compare these to the Kathairos solution side-by-side, the right choice becomes a no-brainer from every possible angle," remarked Kelly Doody, Chief Marketing Officer. “ It’s a straightforward install with no system downtime, and because we operate similar to the propane model, it’s incredibly affordable even for smaller, low-venting wells.”

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