Feb 4, 2022

Kathairos Field Trial Eliminates Methane Equivalent to 523 Tonnes of CO2

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Kathairos has emerged as the leading North American solution for methane elimination from pneumatics, with more than 1,000 systems in operation across North America and over 40 major oil and gas producer partners.

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An eight-month field trial conducted with Velvet Energy in 2020 of both Kathairos’ demonstration units and its commercial unit demonstrated that nitrogen is a viable replacement for fuel gas, with all units operating successfully and flawlessly.

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Kathairos’ units efficiently eliminated all greenhouse gases associated with the routine venting of methane from pneumatic devices, while not generating any onsite emissions of their own.

In total, nitrogen displaced 37,779 Sm3 of methane that would have otherwise been vented, amounting to 523 tonnes of CO2 or 114 cars on the road for one year. This shows that the Kathairos solution can quickly and effectively convert well sites to zero emissions.

A comprehensive report released by Kathairos outlines an overview of the patent-pending technology used, as well as a detailed explanation of the installation, operations, costs and emissions reductions associated with the field trial.


As part of its environmental, social and governance leadership, Velvet Energy conducted field trials of Kathairos’ nitrogen system, an air system and a solar-electric conversion in late summer 2020, as a way of comparing various emissions elimination technologies side-by-side.

Velvet initially commissioned two demonstration units at Rosevear, Alberta on September 24, 2020, before adding two more units in early November. In May 2021, the demonstration units were decommissioned and a one-month trial of a 3000L commercial unit was initiated.


The Kathairos system proved to be superior to other emissions elimination strategies, both in terms of cost and reliability.

Solar-electric systems are expensive and need to be sized for maximum vent rates, whereas the Kathairos system offer variable pricing based on fluctuating vent rates and actual emissions eliminated. The former also require frequent replacement of components over the life-of-well, are liable to theft and may be unreliable in extreme weather conditions. The Kathairos solution requires no parts to be replaced, no changes to existing facilities and operates flawlessly in all weather conditions, as demonstrated through the field trial.

Nitrogen also present an alternative to air compression technologies, which require much more operator attention, sizing for maximum flow, and up-front costs to initiate. These systems are also complicated and produce on-site emissions, unlike the Kathairos system. The key benefit of Kathairos’ nitrogen solution concerns its simplicity, which reinforces its reliability.

“Without question, this is the best solution to eliminate methane emissions from pneumatic pumps,” highlights Darrel Hughes of Bruin Pumps Canada.


As demonstrated through the 8-month field trial, the Kathairos solution eliminates methane venting at remote well sites simply, reliably and affordably.

Kathairos also offers producers the option of discuss the technical aspects of this field trial and how Kathairos’ technology can help advance specific environmental goals while generating profits through emission offsets. Still on the fence? Kathairos offers trialing of its patent-pending technology prior to making a commitment.

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