Jul 15, 2022

A Costless Solution for Eliminating Methane Emissions in Alberta?

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Kathairos has emerged as the leading North American solution for methane elimination from pneumatics, with more than 1,000 systems in operation across North America and over 40 major oil and gas producer partners.

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The Kathairos solution is a no-brainer for Alberta producers because of one simple thing: it's a costless solution.

“In Alberta, it’s possible to generate emission offsets from zero-venting pneumatic projects through the province’s Emission Offset System,” remarks Jacqueline Peterson, Manager of Government Relations and Carbon Offsets for Kathairos Solutions. “Because the price of carbon is increasing year by year, having abatement costs significantly lower than the current price can ensure that producers have a low cost solution.”

This is especially important in today’s climate, given that both provincial and federal targets call for significant reductions in methane emissions from the oil and gas industry. Nearly half of national methane emissions from the oil and gas industry come from pneumatic venting with methane, especially among low-vent, smaller and remote well sites. These sites pose a particular challenge for mitigation efforts, since no solution to date has been able to effectively address the issue of methane venting simply or affordably.

Addressing Canada’s 100,000+ remote wells will be crucial in meeting large-scale emissions reduction efforts both nationally and globally. In offering both an economical and simple way to tackle pneumatic venting, the Kathairos solution provides producers with a tangible and scalable way to eliminate methane emissions from a longstanding problem.

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July 15, 2022

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