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Data & Offsets

Empirical decarbonization data, not estimates

Kathairos' technology provides the most accurate mitigation measurement possible, thanks to its closed system, direct fuel-switching design, and nitrogen-to-methane gas equivalence ratio.

The result? Powerful empirical insights, verifier grade data and lucrative carbon credit generation.

Where abatement meets impact

Verifiable, accountable, accurate

Kathairos' closed system uses the nitrogen volume consumed to accurately calculate abated emissions – an empirical data set that informs methane intensity, tax exposure, carbon credits, sustainability reporting and certification requirements.

Seamless ESG reporting

Accurate and robust ESG data is increasingly demanded by investors, governments and regulators alike. The Kathairos system tracks net abatement for producers, enabling seamless emissions reporting and carbon accounting.

Molecularly measurable

Thanks to the gas equivalence ratio (GER) between nitrogen and methane, every unit of nitrogen (N2) used directly eliminates 1.2764 units of methane (CH4), which would have otherwise been vented to the atmosphere.

Real-time mitigation metrics

Kathairos’ onsite telemetry allows for precise sensor-driven insights and operational analysis, including a valuable overview of vent rates and pneumatic actuation trends over time.

Unlimited data access

With unlimited 24-7 access to Kathairos' cellular or satellite data system, operators can view liquid nitrogen levels, pressure and trends anytime, by site, project and basin.

Impact Insights

In addition to the Kathairos software and SCADA tie-in, site-level data, abated emissions and system economics are communicated through quarterly impact assessments and monthly mitigation reports.

“The more empirical operating data and measurements the better. Direct measurement close to the source is one of the best ways to gain a fundamental understanding of operating emissions.”
Adam Redling, PE
Facilities Engineering & Emissions Manager, Range Resources

Carbon offsets, made simple

At Kathairos, we mitigate your methane venting on-site while earning you valuable carbon credits in the process.

Kathairos makes it easy for oil and gas producers to maximize the value of their emission offsets with confidence and free of burden. The best part? We do it all for you.

Our cellular and satellite telemetry data and seasoned in-house carbon accounting team make managing your offset project a breeze, including all activities related to project development, verification and serialization.

Offsets 101

Emission offsets, commonly referred to as carbon credits, are produced when greenhouse gas emissions are reduced beyond the required regulatory amount in a given jurisdiction. One emission offset is generated for every ton of CO2e averted.

These offsets can then be purchased for compliance purposes by emitters who exceed their regulated emissions allowances, making them highly valuable entities.

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Offsets are also highly valuable

Kathairos’ system allows Alberta producers to generate valuable carbon credit revenue thanks to the Emission Offset System that values emissions abatement at $80/t in 2024, increasing to $170/t in 2030.

Alberta producers have an incredibly lucrative reason to adopt the Kathairos solution in order to leverage the revenue generated by offsets in the years prior to zero-vent regulation.

That’s where we come in

While carbon pricing may seem somewhat straightforward, the process for developing and serializing offsets can be complex and unfamiliar to companies wishing to participate in the carbon market. Kathairos is proud to serve as both a field-level solutions provider, and an industry-leading carbon accounting firm.

By overseeing all risks and tasks involved in the offset regulatory process, we support today's energy-producing organizations in focusing on the societal and financial benefits of their decarbonization projects, not the paperwork.

Like our technology, our carbon accounting process is simple:

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Offset Service Agreement

Eliminate emissions, generate offsets

Our Offset Service Offerings

Kathairos is committed to providing standout offset management services, from initial project plan development to the serialization of offset credits. As both the technology and data provider, we are able to offer the lowest cost offset services and act as a one-stop-shop for all offset requirement needs. Zero upfront costs are incurred by the producer, as Kathairos is only paid for its equipment and services once the offsets have been successfully serialized.

Option a

Aggregate management

When utilizing Kathairos’ patent-pending technology for converting pneumatics to zero vent using nitrogen, producers can opt to include the initiative in one of Kathairos’ aggregate emission offset projects. This scenario allows producers to take advantage of the economies of scale associated with combining multiple ‘sub-projects’ (i.e. locations and producers) together in a single offset project. Kathairos manages all aspects of the aggregated offset project through to serialization, at which point each participating producer has the option to retain their share of serialized offsets for compliance purposes or to sell on Alberta's offset market.

Option B

Custom management

Kathairos also offers producers the option to develop custom offset projects for individual organizations who prefer not to join an aggregate project, and instead aim to bundle a large number of their own locations into a single offset project. Under this scenario, Kathairos manages all aspects of the offset process, and serializes and transfers the offsets at the client’s discretion. This allows clients greater flexibility, liquidity and involvement in the offset process.

Option C

Data access

Do you have the expertise, support and preference to serialize your own offset project while utilizing our field-level emissions mitigation solutions? We can compile the comprehensive abatement data we've collected on your behalf, and work with your verifier to certify and serialize offsets. We know everyone has different needs when managing offsets themselves. Kathairos’ verifier access and data support is subject to an hourly consulting fee.

Ready to get started?

Let us mitigate, monitor, measure, report and verify your avoided methane emissions so you can focus on the next great step in your decarbonization journey.

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“Based on our field research, if we were to just use USEPA’s Subpart W emissions factors, we’d be overestimating pneumatic emissions by an order of magnitude.”
Domenic Tedesco
Director – Air Quality & Sustainability, PennEnergy Resources
tCO2e eliminated to date (28:1)

Verifiable data for reporting, certification and carbon crediting

The Kathairos solution has been commercially adopted by dozens of North American oil and gas producers who have welcomed its simplicity, efficiency and reliability at the field level, and scalability, data accuracy and economic viability in their engineering, production and reporting departments.