Mar 21, 2022

Plug and Play Alberta Announces 10 Start-Ups For Inaugural Sustainability Program

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Kathairos has emerged as the leading North American solution for methane elimination from pneumatics, with more than 1,000 systems in operation across North America and over 40 major oil and gas producer partners.

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The start-ups, chosen by the Advisory Board, represent a variety of novel sustainable cleantech innovations focused on renewable and alternative energy, biotechnology, water innovation, new materials and energy optimization.

Plug and Play Alberta announced the 10 start-ups selected for the first batch of its sustainability program, which aims to facilitate opportunities for pilots, proof of concepts and new relationships between the selected companies and Plug and Play’s global network. The program’s Advisory Board includes Canadian Natural Resources, Worley, Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) and Peter’s & Co. Limited.

“We’re excited to welcome 10 of the most innovative start-ups in the sustainability space,” said Lindsay Smylie, the Director of Plug and Play Alberta. “Our unparalleled global reach allows us to bring the right start-ups, with the right solution, to our corporate partners- which is something that no one else can do.”

Here are the 10 start-ups participating in the program:


CleanInnoGen Energy Solutions is developing a process that uses waste heat from industrial plants to produce green hydrogen and oxygen that can be used within plants to improve process performance and reduce emissions. Led by top-notch scientists in the world on the thermochemistry, CleanInnoGen bridges academic know-how with best industry practices to develop heat-to-hydrogen systems that aim to address growing demand for green hydrogen through forming a decentralized affordable green hydrogen network.


SeeO2 aims to contribute to a global shift towards carbon utilization to tackle our planet most challenging problem. When coupled with low-carbon electricity, SeeO2’s technology yields net carbon negative, with at least a 4x reduction compared to the incumbent steam methane reforming (SMR) process or more than 50% improvement over competing state-of-the-art low temperature solutions.


OzoneBio upcycles toxic wastes into new products stream using the “Zombie cells” approach and an enzyme-cell based hydrogenation process. One of OzoneBio’s goals is to replace global oil-based nylon 6,6, which contributes approximately 60 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year. Their process yields a variety of usable products including bioadipic acid, which is a precursor of nylon 6,6.


2S Water have developed a sensor to detect metals in water in real time. Two of their early applications are effluent monitoring for mining and oil and gas, and boiler water monitoring for scaling agents. These issues focus around metals that, up until now, no one could detect in real time. 2S Water's sensor provides real-time data in a fully automated system that provides instant feedback that facility operators need. Further applications include petrochemicals, forestry, and municipalities.


Pressure Corp provides industrial facilities and the distributors and operators of natural gas and hydrogen pipelines the ability to monetize their waste pressure by transforming it into turnkey, low emission or emission-free power. Pressure Corp enables host customers to focus on their core business while adding to their bottom line and achieving a key Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance objective, reducing emissions.


Sawback Technologies has developed a proprietary solution to visualize and analyze below surface data, to address a $4.2 billion market in the energy, heavy construction and infrastructure sectors that need to collect such data to meet regulatory requirements and avoid costly damage and fatalities, but cannot, due to existing limitations in technology.


Pani Energy focuses on the fundamental science behind water treatment processes, and has developed models that improve chemical dosing, membrane health and energy use within water treatment plants. Their beachhead markets are in industrial and municipal waste water treatment and desalination industries, which experience the greatest inefficiencies and operational costs.


Cnergreen is a Calgary-based company that enhances oil recovery and CO2 storage efficiency using resilient nanoparticle-based foam technology.


BluumBio develops cutting-edge bioremediation technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for companies of all sizes. BluumBio’s platform helps identify enzymes found in nature that can degrade and sequester toxins, including fungal strains that can degrade plastics and hyperaccumulate heavy metals.


Carbon Assets Solutions (CAS) uses patented technology to measure carbon content in soils. Using this proprietary technology and software, CAS provides an unprecedented degree of precision to manage the data in a blockchain solution and provide the highest standards of governance. It creates a vertically integrated supply chain of carbon credits by connecting agriculture with global capital markets.

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