Jan 2, 2023

Clean Technology: An Overview

Clean Tech
Energy Transition
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Kathairos has emerged as the leading North American solution for methane elimination from pneumatics, with more than 1,000 systems in operation across North America and over 40 major oil and gas producer partners.

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We continue to see the impacts of climate change every day, from devastating floods, to longer wildfire seasons, to more extreme periods of droughts, and more. But how do we tackle this global problem?

One solution is clean technology.

Around the world, clean tech is reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, eliminating the need for environmentally-harmful production methods and initiating a societal shift towards more environmentally conscious decision-making. But what is clean tech?

Simply put, clean tech involves making products, processes and services ‘greener’ or better for our planet.

The 'green' movement

Think of new energy technologies: solar, wind, tidal and even nuclear. These renewable sources of energy are gaining traction in the global landscape not just as environmentally-conscious means of power generation, but as necessary industries to take advantage of in order for countries to remain economically competitive.

Clean tech also includes new types of transportation, like hybrid and electric vehicles. Electric vehicles continue to become more relevant in the global economy and are expected to make up almost half of total passenger vehicle sales by 2030, as more and more people consider greener choices and more governments phase out the sale and registration of internal combustion engine vehicles.

The clean tech discussion also involves changing the way we design, construct and run homes, businesses and industries so that they operate more efficiently and use less energy. Clean tech developments are helping us use and develop our natural resources in a more sustainable way, through the reduction of water use and conversion of waste into usable by-products.

An industry on the rise

Not surprisingly, the demand for clean tech is on the rise. The global market totals to more than $1 trillion annually and is expected to grow considerably over the next decade, providing industries with huge economic incentive to drink the clean tech Kool-Aid.

Over the course of February, we will be doing several features on the growing clean tech sector: on renewable sources of energy and how they are transforming global energy production and use; on companies and industries leading the way in clean tech research and investment; and on the rise of clean tech as the means to tackle climate change.

The road to net zero may be long and the journey may be hard, but we are confident that we can get there!

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